Giving at Mt Harmony

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Let’s start with a few definitions. A tithe is typically 10% of an income, whereas an offering is a gift above and beyond your regular tithe. All non-designated tithes and offerings go towards the expenses and ministries of Mt. Harmony. From utilities, improvements, and staffing to community engagement, supporting local schools, and more.

Giving tithes and offerings is a spiritual decision, not a financial decision. It is an act of faithful worship to God. When we give, we’re saying, “God, we thank you for blessing us. We trust that You are wiser than we are.”

You can give online, during a worship service, by mail, or by dropping your financial gift off at the church office Monday-Thursday between 9:00 AM-3:00 PM.

WEE Registration and Tuition, please click on the "make a donation" button to pay online.