WE get to make a difference

We give our time, talents, and money joyfully in response to Jesus' generosity and to help more people meet Him.



This is the simplest way to give consistently. We process online transactions both through checking accounts and through all major debit/credit cards. If you would like a record of your contribution, please click the create an account button or sign in to your account at the upper right hand side of the "GIVE ONLINE" page. To give online, click here


These are always options available to those who would prefer giving through mail or during the service. Address: 561 Veterans Memorial Highway S.E. Mableton, Ga 30126


We as a church are able to gather in one house with many rooms. As we grow as a family, there is a need for funds to better expand and maintain our "rooms." Through Our Home, we are able to raise funds and maintain and renovate our campus to further the Kingdom of God. 

our backyard

We feel the weight and the spiritual responsibility to step up and address the real life social issues we have found right here in our backyard. Through Our Backyard, we are able to raise funds to support, build, and empower our communities and our nation. 

our world

Throughout the years, we have made it our mission to empower the Church beyond our nation. We have partnered with other churches, pastors and other ministries throughout the world to make a kingdom impact with the gospel of Jesus Christ.