This month we will pray for and support through donations “7 Bridges to Recovery” (https://7bridgestorecovery.org/).

Located just a few miles from the church on Plant Atkinson Road, 7 Bridges to Recovery is a non-profit 501c3 organization that reaches out to the lost and broken of Atlanta and beyond. They house and feed women, children, men, and veterans and assist them in rebuilding their life with Jesus.

Based on Isaiah 58:6-8, their goal is to end homelessness in Atlanta, then in Georgia, then in the United States and eventually in the world with the love of Christ, one person at a time. They consider themselves to be “the Rescue Team for Jesus!”

They go under the bridges of Atlanta and into an area called the Bluff (Atlanta’s largest crack cocaine and prostitution district) where they feed and meet physical needs with the goal of sharing Christ and eventually getting the homeless off the streets.

They can house 105 women and children and have a separate program for 25 men that have all been rescued from the streets. These men and women continue to go to the streets multiple times a week reaching out to the lost.

                                                                   NEEDS LIST   


  •       Salad Dressing
  •       Coffee
  •       Heinz 57
  •       Ketchup
  •       Mustard
  •       Mayonnaise
  •       Canned Foods
  •       Boxed Rice
  •       Boxed Pasta
  •       Pasta Sauces
  •       Cookies
  •       Bottled Water
  •       Grocery Store Gift Cards (to purchase bread, meats, etc.)

Cleaning & Paper Needs

  •       Disinfecting Spray
  •       Cleaning Supplies
  •       Ammonia
  •       Toilet Paper
  •       Paper Towels
  •       Kleenex
  •       Plastic Forks
  •       Ziploc Sandwich Bags
  •       Fold-top Sandwich Bags
  •       Grocery Store Plastic Bags (to pack lunches in)


Clothes Closet

Mens (can be gently used unless noted)

  •       Pants in sizes – 34x34, 36x32, 36x34, 38x34
  •       Long-sleeved Shirts
  •       Sweatpants
  •       Sneakers (sizes 10.5-13)
  •       NEW Boxer Briefs (all sizes)
  •       NEW Boy's Underwear 8-14

Womens (can be gently used unless noted)

  •       Jeans size 12-18
  •       Boots (all sizes)
  •       Sweatpants
  •       Sneakers (size 7 and up)
  •       NEW Underwear

Medical Needs

  •       NyQuil
  •       Benadryl
  •       Day/Night Cold Medicine
  •       Ibuprofen
  •       Band-aids


If you would like give a monetary donation and have us shop for you, please click the make donation button below.

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