Youth Bible Study – Life Choices

Life can be tough - especially for teenagers.

Critical issues like peer pressure, sexual temptation, family conflicts and lukewarm faith can detour even those with the best intentions. Help your teens make good decisions with Life Choices! This five-week bible study offers messages and videos filled with humor, Scripture, and personal stories that will help teens tackle these difficult topics:

  • Life is Tough – In the face of life’s trials will you give up . . . or grow up?
  • Family Issues – Find help and Godly wisdom for handling divorce, family conflicts and abuse.
  • Friend Issues – Resist peer pressure and instead have a life-changing influence on others.
  • Sex and Dating – God invented sex and pleasure, but there are real consequences when sex is outside marriage and God’s design.
  • God Issues – Develop a close, personal relationship with God and then multiply your life by pouring it into others.

Bible Study begins Tuesday, April 13 at 6:00 pm in the Student Center (entrance at the back of the church).